NXT X-Space

NXT X-SpaceFor most hi-fi lovers, the biggest deterrent to buying multimedia speakers is that they’re not designed expressly for hi-fi. Therefore, so the reasoning goes, they can’t possibly even be worth an audition. This perception has stuck since the dark days of the late eighties when the first examples came out, small active designs used by students to beef up their cassette portables. Next came computer multimedia speakers boasting massive power outputs which were no less awful to look at or hear…

Not every one is like this however, and it was certainly time to leave your preconceptions at the door when Mission/NXT launched its radical X-Space back at the beginning of the new millennium. This £500 sub and satellite system used the (then) brand spanking new NXT technology to give superb clarity, imaging, speed, midband detail and room driving ability. Only in the low bass and high treble did these speakers fall short, rather like their spiritual ancestor, the Quad ESL-57. Still, as a music listening proposition, I found them just as good as the excellent 752 floorstanders – they really were that good.

Place them carefully, Blu-Tac them to stand tops or desktops to solidify the sound, and sit back and be amazed at the out-of-box experience on offer. If you love their kooky turn-of-the-century ‘sci-fi’ looks, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you can pick up a pair of what used to be cutting-edge, ultra modern multimedia speakers for pennies. What’s not to like?

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