Bren 1

Bren 1This is one of the nicest sensibly priced record clamps I’ve come across. Beautifully hewn on a CNC machine, it is just the right profile and weight for most applications, and works extremely well. The latest version has a 79mm diameter base and is 38mm high, and it weighs 391g so it won’t tax turntables with low torque motors and/or weak bearings. Cut from polished solid USA certified 6061-T6 aluminium, it is superbly finished and sports a slight 100 degree recess inside to aid centring on spindles; designer Scott Dupree says it will allow clearance for all headshells. There’s a gold edition at a price premium of a few pounds.

Sonically it brings a subtle but noticeable upgrade to most turntables, giving a greater sense of ease and grip to the proceedings, snapping instruments into focus on the soundstage and making things sound smoother and more relaxed. Its relatively light weight means it works well with suspended subchassis turntables, and shouldn’t labour suspension springs, although it is ideal for good quality direct drive turntables such as Technics’ SL1200. At just $75 this US-made clamp is an excellent affordable vinyl accessory, and the manufacturer ships worldwide from his online shop.

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