Spotted: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

tj-as-dodgyIn the fading late October light of a dank, misty car park just a stone’s throw from historic Runnymede, near Windsor – where Magna Carta was signed eight centuries ago – an altogether shadier and less salubrious event is captured for posterity…

Here we see top international hi-fi scribes Tim Jarman and Adam Smith (pictured left and right respectively) just about to exchange two pieces of classic analogue ‘merchandise’. Can you name the two turntables involved, and tell us who drove away with the better deal?

The first respondent to get all three answers right in the comments section below gets to chose between a signed photograph of this auspicious occasion by the luminaries themselves, or a specially melted commemorative Curly Wurly chocolate bar that’s been too long in the glovebox of Tim’s car…


  1. Donald

    Garrard SP25 on the left.
    Can I please have the Curly Wurly wrapper?

  2. Donald

    OK Garrard SP25 MK1V
    Now do I get the wrapper?

  3. Donald

    You’re a hard taskmaster!
    The Garrard I had in mind was 1979-1980, but on closer inspection I see the photo has a little notch to lift the lid, but otherwise a very similar style.
    That smoked perspex is casting a shadow on my murky past, grasping at straws… is it perhaps a Lenco?
    (chances of winning even the curly wurly wrapper are fast fading along with distant memories of wow and flutter!)

  4. Tiago Abreu

    Sony PS-X9

  5. Donald

    Probably Tim, unless the Sony required repair in which case he will be spending a long time alone in the shed.

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