SLiC Innovations Eclipse C

slic-innovations-eclipse-c-newNew cable brands often come and go like ships in the night, so does the world really need another? Well, perhaps. The first encouraging sign of the SLiC’s quality was the packaging, which was far less lavish than most cable brands, suggesting that possibly more of the money has gone on the cable itself. It is certainly well made and terminated, standing up to the rigours of a reviewer’s system, where wires are constantly being pulled out and pushed in, very well. No prizes for exotic looks or a lovely feel; the sheathing is solid and black and that’s about all you can say about it.

Indeed, SLiC is rather bashful about ‘sharing’ anything. It will not specify what’s inside, aside from the fact that its name stands for Super Low Interference Cable, and it sets out to “drastically reduce signal disturbances created when current flows through conductors”. The manufacturer says it has been optimised to work across an ultra-wide frequency range, up to 300MHz – so it should cope with CD’s 20kHz nicely, then! The price is a not inconsiderable £550 for a 1m run, with £75 per extra half metre from then on. Other terminations and lengths are available; for details click here.

I couldn’t stop myself being impressed with the Eclipse C. Initial impressions were that it was unearthing vast amounts of detail, throwing out large amounts of bass and had a lovely swing to it. And the more I listened, the better it got. UB40’s first album Signing Off is on another level to the band’s later, more commercial fare but is not a great recording. Still, the SLiC cable seemed to unearth an extra half octave of bass, and made it sound wonderfully fluid and bouncy. So detailed was it that it also pulled out all kinds of hum and analogue tape print-through sounds out of the mix that I’d not heard before. This was startling for a £550 cable, it’s more normally wires at twice the price that dig this deep.

Tonally, it is superb. Smooth but never bland, it handled the slightly edgy vocals on 4hero’s Give In with aplomb. Vocals sounded searingly transparent yet tonally smooth and dark in a way that you’d never expect from a cable at this price. I was bowled over by the all-round ability of this cable; soundstaging and depth perspective is excellent, low level detailing is beyond reproach and the way it plays music in a rhythmic, dynamically expressive way is compelling. Don’t be put off by the company’s lack of pedigree, this brilliant cable will soon win it a great reputation. I don’t normally wax lyrical about cables, or even bother to review them – but this is special.

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