IMF Transcription 300

IMF Transcription 300

One of the rarest turntables in existence, few have either seen or heard of this piece of Plexiglas perfection which appeared in the mid nineteen seventies. Designed and manufactured by IMF Electronics, it reputedly won several design awards, and a closer look shows why…

Unusually for its time, the deck used an electronic speed controller to drive the split-level podule platter via a fine rubber belt. Beneath the perspex plinth assembly was a 30cm aluminium disc which added mass to the platter assembly and had stroboscopic markings to provide visual indication of speed deviation. The whole deck sat on highly compliant leaf springs for vibration isolation.

The aluminium armboard used a novel sled arrangement to move the whole tonearm assembly for very easy arm/cartridge alignment – this presaged the system SME was later to use on its high end tonearms, and is a superb feature that no other turntable has used since, to my knowledge.

Aside from its very low production numbers, the Transcription 300 is notable for being owned by French actor/singer Serge Gainsbourg, and it even features in one of his nineteen seventies song videos briefly! Production was very limited, with IMF Electronics making its name with transmission line loudspeakers, which later lived on with TDL.


  1. Francois Gillet

    i have one…in perfect shape and fully working

  2. I have one as well, but in need of some care. It is One of three sold in Sweden.
    Very beautiful player.

    • Gillet Francois

      hello And What would be the prive?? Best regards Francois

      > Le 29 janv. 2015 à 23:38, a écrit : > > >

      • Hello Francois,

        I will start restoring my IMF to get it running and I would like to get in contact with you if possible?. There are some question marks I need to clear around the player.

        If you are happy to help me, please send me a mail at: yetimartin @


  3. fabbro

    Bonjour, quelqu’un parmi vous se propose de la vendre ?

  4. Micha Frost

    Hi Fabbro,
    pardon mon francais n´est pas bon.
    J´ai un et je veut le vendre. Vous pouvez m´ecrire ici:

    Je voudrait preferer anglais, mais je pense je peut lire francais.


  5. victor

    Bonjour à tous,

    Toujours à la recherche de cette platine…
    Si quelqu’un en vend une, contactez moi sur ce site ou m’écrire ici :


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