Jays v-Jays

Jays v-JaysSoberly styled, these affordable portable Swedish cans are small and light (59g). Considering their low price, build quality is excellent – easily as good as anything from Sennheiser at or anywhere near their £50 retail price. Their design is also semi-foldable (with two folding joints), making them ideal for portables, whilst they’ll be inconspicuous around the house. The slim 60cm cable isn’t as microphonic as the rival Grado SR60is, for example, and intrudes much less. The good quality foam earpads make them very comfortable to wear; not sumptuous like the Grados or soft like the rival SR238i Sennheisers, but a nice firm, delicate fit all the same. They come supplied with spare foam cushions and an iPhone-compatible 70cm extension cable.

Sonically they’re superb. The v-Jays’ 40mm Mylar drivers give an extremely taut sound but one that’s never analytical. Instead, they’re surprisingly musical as well as being unexpectedly refined and sophisticated. You’d never call them fulsome and rich, but they are transparent and natural enough to communicate the warmth of classic analogue recordings for example, when many rivals simply make them sound like they’ve been digitally remastered. Vocals and instruments are expansive yet delicately rendered, and treble smooth and crisp with a surprising amount of atmosphere right up top. Overall a really impressive performer at the price, and one that’s way better even that my favourite ‘affordable’ headphone, the similarly priced, fully folding Sennheiser PX100.

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