Classic Christmas Quiz – part 1


Seasons greetings, pop pickers. Here’s your chance to win any one of a host of bumper classic hi-fi goodies in the first of our three sensational Classic Christmas Quizzes!

The first prize winner gets a broken BBC-branded ferric C60 cassette with writing on the label and no box – signed by the zStereo team!

The second prize winner gets a cheap pair of unbranded RCA interconnects (and the red one only works when you wiggle it) signed by the zStereo team!

The third prize winner gets a MiniDisc recorded with assorted speeches from Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron, signed by you know who!

Question 1
Which designers are credited with the styling of each of these three products?

a: Sergio Pininfarina, Terence Conran, Rainer Fink
b: Akio Morita, Terence Conran, Dieter Rams
c: Ken Ishiwata, Jacob Jensen, Rainer Fink
d: Mario Bellini, Jacob Jensen, Dieter Rams

Question 2
Which Japanese manufacturer produced ‘Precise Compo’ systems?

a: Aiwa
b: Sony
c: Technics
d: Toshiba

Question 3
What does “CTA” stand for, in Nytech’s CTA-252XD?

a: Current Transfer Amplifier
b: Calculator Tuner Amplifier
c: Circuit Transition Amplifier
d: Ceramic Transistor Amplifier

Question 4
Which type of loudspeaker does this system need to properly match it…?

a: B&W Nautilus
b: Philips Motional Feedback
c: MartinLogan hybrid electrostatic
d: Wharfedale Total Sound Recall

Question 5
Which company designed the ADRES noise reduction system?

a: Toshiba

b: JVC
c: Philips
d: Telefunken


Question 6
What is the IEC designation for the type of tape used in Agfa Carat cassettes…?

a: I
b: II
c: III
d: IV

Question 7:
Which nineteen seventies manufacturer had the OTTO high end sub-brand?

a: Aiwa
b: Sanyo
c: Sharp
d: Sony

Question 8
Which type of amplifier input was required to use a Decca Deram cartridge?

a: low voltage magnetic
b: low impedance magnetic
c: low impedance ceramic
d: high impedance ceramic

Question 9
Which of these turntables was not Direct Drive?

a: ADC 1600
b: B&O Beogram 6002
c: Sony PS-Q7
d: Strathearn SMA2

Question 10
How many valves does the Braun CE 1000 tuner use…?

a: two Nivastas
b: three ECC83s
c: four EL34s
d: eight 845s

Thanks to hi-fi’s greatest living antiquarian Tim Jarman for these questions; watch out for the second part next week. When the third part is published just before Christmas, we’ll give you an email address to send your answers in, and both the winner and the answers will be revealed on Boxing Day!

One comment

    [1] d
    [2] b
    [3] b
    [4] b
    [5] a
    [6] c
    [7] b
    [8] d
    [9] b
    [10] a

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