Classic Christmas Quiz – part 2

hi-fi-quiz-title-picSeasons greetings, pop pickers. Here’s your chance to win any one of a host of bumper classic hi-fi goodies in the second of our three sensational Classic Christmas Quizzes!

The first prize winner gets a broken BBC-branded ferric C60 cassette with writing on the label and no box – signed by the zStereo team!

The second prize winner gets a cheap pair of unbranded RCA interconnects (and the red one only works when you wiggle it) signed by the zStereo team!

The third prize winner gets a MiniDisc recorded with assorted speeches from Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron, signed by you know who!

Question 1
This classic turntable is…

a. Rega Planet
b. Dias Heavy
c. Gale GT2101
d. Ariston RD40

Question 2
The first commercial silicon transistor was invented by…

a. Western Electric in 1936
b. General Electric in 1945
c. Bell Labs in 1954
d. Matushita in 1967

Question 3
The Linnk was what?

a. Linn Products’ first standalone phono preamplifier
b. Koetsu’s most popular moving coil cartridge
c. Nordost’s first interconnect
d. Ortofon’s entry-level moving coil step out transformer

Question 4
Which British loudspeaker company once made a direct-drive turntable…

a. Mordaunt Short
b. Monitor Audio
c. Mission
d. Celestion

Question 5
Which of the following is a Tannoy loudspeaker?

a. Revelation
b. Revolution
c. Reincarnation
d. Ressurrection

Question 6
Which year did Sony launch Elcaset?

a. 1969
b. 1973
c. 1975
d. 1979

Question 7
Who is behind the Musical Fidelity brand?

a. Philip Swift and Derek Scotland
b. Antony Michaelson
c. Max Townshend
d. Arthur Khoubessarian

Question 8
The Harbeth brand comes from the following names…

a. ElizaBETH Taylor and HARrison Ford
b. HARley Street and BETHnal Green
c. HARrow Road and ElizBETH Street
d. Dudley and ElizaBETH HARewood

Question 9
Ortofon’s VMS series of cartridges featured what…?

a. Virtual Machine Suspension
b. Variable Magnet Shunt
c. Virtual Memory System
d. Visible Motion Sensing

Question 10
The turntable pictured is…

a. The fastest selling British belt drive 
b. The longest running British belt drive
c. The most expensive British belt drive
d. The most modified British belt drive
linn-lp12Watch out for the third part later this week, when we’ll give you an email address to send your answers to, and both the winner and the answers will be revealed on Boxing Day!

One comment


    [1] c
    [2] c
    [3] a
    [4] b
    [5] b
    [6] c
    [7] b
    [8] d
    [9] b
    [10] b

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