Classic Christmas Quiz – part 3

choualacremeSeasons greetings, pop pickers. Here’s your chance to win one of a host of bumper classic hi-fi goodies in the last of our three sensational Classic Christmas Quizzes!

The first prize winner gets a broken BBC-branded ferric C60 cassette with writing on the label and no box – signed by the zStereo team!

The second prize winner gets a cheap pair of unbranded RCA interconnects (and the red one only works when you wiggle it) signed by the zStereo team!

The third prize winner gets a MiniDisc recorded with assorted speeches from Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron, signed by you know who!

Question 1
Philips and Sony agreeing on a 120mm, 650MB disc meant what?

a. Compact Disc had a superior dynamic range to AM radio
b. Compact Disc was able to run uncompressed 18-bit PCM
c. a single CD could contain all of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony
d. ELO’s Out of the Blue could not be released in CD format
Question 2
What were Sonneteer’s Campion and Alabaster amplifiers named after?

a. shades of Dulux magnolia paint
b. Sunday evening TV dramas
c. English poets
d. prescription painkillers

Question 3
What do the initials L.F.D. stand for?

a. Lousy Friggin’ Design
b. Low Fuzzy Distortion
c. Lovely Fez, Darling
d. Little Fizz Digital

Question 4
Who founded the Audiolab brand?

a. Peter Swint and Derek Westland
b. Philip Swift and David Scotland
c. Peter Swale and Damon Ireland
d. Philip Swift and Derek Scotland

Question 5
What was the product number of Audio Technica’s Sound Burger turntable?

a. Z-1000
b. TR-808
c. AT-727
d. SB-990sound-burger

Question 6
Which Japanese company pioneered the Power MOSFET?

a. Sony
b. Hitachi
c. Sanyo
d. Mitsubishi
Question 7
Who founded SME Ltd.?

a. Robert Louis Stevenson
b. Jean Paul Satre
c. Alastair Robertson-Aikman
d. Colonel Bufton-Tufton

Question 8
Who designed the classic Epos ES14 loudspeaker?

a. Robin Williams
b. Robin Hood
c. Robin Marshall
d. Robin Reliant

Question 9
Which of the following cassette decks was made by Nakamichi?

a. Sonab C-500 
b. Sony TC-K75
c. Aiwa AD-2000
d. Pioneer CT-F500

Question 10
What was Pink Triangle’s THE PIP?

a. a DAC
b. a phono stage
c. a preamplifier
d. a power amplifier

Mail your entries for quizzes 1,2 and 3 in to now!
Watch out for the answers on Boxing Day, and the lucky winner announced…


One comment

    [1] c
    [2] c
    [3] b
    [4] b
    [5] c
    [6] b
    [7] c
    [8] c
    [9] a
    [10] c

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