Classic Christmas Quiz winners

bbc-tapeThanks to everyone who took part in what was a difficult and diverse quiz! The answers have been posted in the Reply section at the bottom of each quiz webpage, and the winners are as follows…

The first prize winner is Mark Kelsall, who gets a broken BBC-branded ferric C60 cassette with writing on the label and no box – signed by the zStereo team!

The second prize winner is Murray Evans, who gets a cheap pair of unbranded RCA interconnects (and the red one only works when you wiggle it) signed by the zStereo team!

The third prize winner, Nelson Zhang, has asked not to receive his prize – which would have been a MiniDisc recorded with assorted speeches from Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron – but we’ll be sending him something equally desirable instead!

Here’s wishing you an absolutely fabulous festive season!

One comment

  1. Oh wow! How amazing is that!! My best xmas ever. Ill dig out my broken Philips D6920. It’ll be just perfect.

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